Pennies from Heaven

  • Are all the pennies nice and bright and shiny?

    We offer two kinds of Pennies from Heaven. Mixed The mixed pennies are all mixed years and have many different shades from dark to light. As pennies age and are exposed to elements like oxygen, they get a thin coating called a “patina” that is darker than the original color. Unlike rust, which ...
  • Are the Pennies from Heaven made in the USA?

    Yes, we proudly make all of our Pennies from Heaven here in Atlanta, GA. In a time when so many of our goods are made overseas, it’s nice to support family run businesses that sell merchandise 100% made in the USA. When you buy American, you help to keep local businesses strong and support dome...
  • Are these real pennies?

    Yes! All of our Pennies from Heaven are made from real United States pennies. The United States one-cent coin (symbol: ¢), often called the penny, is a unit of currency equaling one one-hundredth of a United States dollar. The coin is 0.75 inches (19.05 mm) in diameter and 0.0598 inches (1.52 m...
  • Can you order 2020 pennies?

    Yes, we have a limited supply here:
  • Do you have cards to go with the Pennies from Heaven?

    Yes we offer Cross Penny from Heavens Card here: Angel Penny Cards here:
  • Isn't it Illegal to Damage or Deface Coins?

    This is our frequently most asked question. If you have our Pennies from Heaven with a cross cut out of them, you may have been asked the same thing. Everyone has an opinion and there is a lot of misinformation on the web about this, so to clear this up we went directly to the source - The U.S ...
  • May we request a special year?

    Yes, now you can order one here: