Why do the 2020 pennies cost more?

Unfortunately, we cannot make sure that the cross, angel, or heart doesn’t cut out the full year on our regular pennies. Due to how we manufacture them, it is not possible, that is why you see them in the photos that has more than one penny in it with the cut in all different directions. ( look at any of the pictures with a pile of pennies)

However, what makes The 2020 pennies so special is that they do always have the cross, angel, and heart at the top not cutting into the year. We have to do each one by hand and is a very slow process. This is one of the reasons they cost more.

The regular cross, angel, and heart pennies are mass produced and are cut in all different directions and therefore we charge less than the 2020 pennies.

Also, we have a very limited supply of the new pennies. We can’t even order them, we can only get them by finding and pulling them out of our rolls from the bank.

Check out our limited supply here:

Cross 2020 Pennies: https://www.airstrikeinc.com/pages/2020-pennies-from-heaven-product

Angel 2020 Pennies: https://www.airstrikeinc.com/pages/2020-angel-pennies-from-heaven-product

Heart 2020 Pennies: https://www.airstrikeinc.com/products/2020-heart-pennies-from-heaven-heart-penny

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